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Alas! Translation is often thought of as word-for-word job. For us, it means transforming documents between languages without losing the meaning. It’s not only about using the right vocabulary that conveys the same connotation, but also about proofreading and appropriately placing the punctuation.

We are two passionate professionals, mastering the art of painting with words. Backed with 15+ years of experience, and a professional diploma in Legal, UN translation, and interpreting

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Our Translation canvas include economic, financial, sustainable development, governmental, engineering, marketing, corporate communication, training materials, and legal documents. In addition to copywriting and editing services, we offer simultaneous and interpreting translation

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Cairenes Translate
We have other translation artists with other language pairs, we accept documents from other languages: French, Italian, and Spanish into Arabic.

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A globalized modern world like ours needs every means of communication, our services is a plus for any business on regional and international levels. Throughout the years we have worked with plenty of big companies and entities in Egypt and the Gulf area, including:

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